Zentangle for Beginners: Flux Pattern!

Hi friends! In this video we’ll take a look at the flux pattern, a personal favorite of mine. I’ll show you how to draw it, different variations in drawing it (including my own personal variation), and show examples how to how to use it in zentangle doodle artworks.

Leave me a comment below if you enjoyed, and thanks for watching!

-Ashley <3

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  1. Thoroughly love the flux pattern in zentangle. I do like the way you’ve intermixed the pattern, etc. You have a nice way of teaching as I said the first time. I think I now have my e-mail and all figured out. we’ll see…Thank you for the lesson. I would hope somehow you could have an outline (short) so I could copy it, I don’t have printer that is connected yet. But I will soon, so not to worry. Thanks again. Linda

    • Thanks Linda, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m not sure by what you mean of an outline? Do you mean a way that I draw it? If you mean overall how I create Zentangles, I just follow the basic Zentangle guideline steps. The rest of the patterns are done kind of intuitively, just feeling around the paper and thinking about what might work there. I hope this helps!

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