Zentangle for Beginners: Flukes Pattern!

Hi friends! Today we’re learning a new Zentangle pattern today along with more discussions about shading options and how to focus your viewers on the focal point in your doodle. I hope you enjoy!

The playlist of all these videos is here!

Thanks for watching!

-Ashley <3

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  1. I have wanted to learn how to make these for so long and you are an outstanding teacher! One thing I love is how you show how to do one small section and then add one small section etc. I get so overwhelmed when I see a completed Zentangle and assume I could never do that, but you make it so accessible. After reading your post about starting an art journal and seeing this, I can finally start my art journal using this! Yay!

    • Thanks Lauren, I’m glad you like the way I’m breaking it into pieces, I wasn’t sure how to go about doing it at first 🙂 Have fun with your art journal!

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