Whimseybox Subscription Update

Hey guys! Happy Friday! Today I wanted to take some time to update you all on my current subscription status with Whimseybox.  I know that they have been behind with their recent boxes, and have not been responding to questions on their Facebook page.  I wanted to try to wait them out in hopes that they would sort things out, but it looks like that’s not going to happen.

I am now unsubscribed from Whimseybox, and cannot recommend anyone else subscribe to them, as they are not putting out any more boxes.  A lovely viewer messaged me and said that she herself unsubscribed, and Whimseybox actually refunded her the amount that they owed her.  When I unsubscribed via their website, there was a little message saying that I would receive the boxes I was owed.  I wasn’t going to hold my breath, but just this morning I have received a refund from Whimseybox in the amount that they owed me.  So it looks like they are trying to do the right thing and even things up before closing down, which is very reassuring.

After lots of backlash, maybe they're making things right?
After lots of backlash, maybe they’re making things right?

I have added a message to my previous Whimseybox review videos stating that I am no longer subscribed and that they are not shipping out monthly boxes anymore.  I am going to leave the videos up in hopes that other people find them when thinking about subscribing to Whimseybox, then seeing my message and hopefully saving themselves the trouble.  That is, of course, until Whimseybox disables the ability to subscribe to their monthly service.  I have removed my affiliate link that gets anyone $5 off their first box upon signup, so hopefully the video reviews will show up in search results and they help someone avoid the headache.

So unfortunately this is the end of Whimseybox, let me know if you guys have been refunded or what your take on this whole situation is.  I really enjoyed their boxes and am sad to know that I will not be receiving them anymore, but I also had to make sure that I wasn’t encouraging anyone to subscribe to them when they’re on the the way out.  No one wants that disappointment, especially during the holiday season! So thanks for stopping by, and have a great holiday season!

-Ashley <3

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