Whimseybox June 2014 Unboxing & Review!

Hey guys! It’s the June Whimseybox! I’m super excited, let’s see what’s in here!!

****PLEASE READ: I am no longer subscribed to Whimseybox, and I do not suggest anyone else subscribes. Whimseybox has recently fallen behind in their boxes, and have not shipped out boxes owed to their subscribers, including myself. It seems like they are not doing well and are shutting down. Please do not subscribe to them, they were an awesome craft supply box while it lasted, but I cannot recommend anyone subscribe to them any longer.

Onto the review of this box…

Alright, onto this month’s box… we’re using gold leaf!? That’s so awesome, it’s something I wanted to learn anyways…so I’m looking forward to earning this “DIY cred” skill button for sure!

The Finished Project:

Ok, onto the review…


  • Instructions are very straightforward and easy to follow
  • They’re generous with the amount of gold leaf we get
  • Ample adhesive and sealer to use in future projects


  • Adhesive goes from tacky/workable to dry/unworkable very quickly.  Using an adhesive with a longer open time would have created a better crafting experience.
  • A second foam brush for sealing purposes would have been very useful
  • The frame could have been a little more upscale, like with a glass panel included instead of just a bare bones wood frame that you can touch your pictures/art through.

The Ratings:

Happy Christmas Factor: 8/10
Desirability of Final Craft: 6/10
Value Factor: 7/10

Overall, as far as learning the actual crafting skill of applying gold leaf, I’m happy with the box.  It does a good job getting us to understand the basics, and I feel confident in attempting to gold leaf other things now.

As far as the craft itself, however, it was fun, but a little higher quality frame and an adhesive with a longer working time would have really amped up the fun factor for this craft, but I had a good time with it regardless.

So what did you think!?  Did you enjoy this box??  If you already know how to use gold leaf, do you think this box did a good job explaining it to beginners? Let me know in a comment! 🙂

See you next time!!

-Ashley <3

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