What is Acrylic Paint?

Hi friends!  Today is my first tutorial video on YouTube!  What is acrylic paint?  If you’re new to art and painting, you may not know what acrylic paint is, and if that’s you, great!  You’re in the right spot!

The following video discussed what acrylic paint actually is, how it works, and outlines the basic properties about acrylic paint that separate it from oil and watercolour mediums:


I was trying to think about a good starting point for tutorial videos, and I decided that instead of randomly posting videos demonstrating acrylic painting techniques (which will be coming real soon!), I thought it would be best to have a video that first simply explains what acrylic paint actually is, as there are lots of people out there that aren’t sure what acrylics actually are and if they’re the right paint medium for them (run-on sentences, anyone?)

So this video will explain what acrylic paint actually is, how it dries, and outlines the basic properties that make acrylics different from both oils and watercolours.  If you’re new to art and painting, I really encourage you to give acrylics a shot (and to subscribe for more tutorials!) because they’re easy to clean up, and they dry really fast, so any mistakes you make can simply be painted over almost immediately!

Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for Friday’s blog post where I’ll show you the different types of acrylic paint you can buy, and the differences between them!



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  1. Thanks for the helpful video. I am trying to make the transition from graphite portraiture to acrylic. Very frustrating as I just want to grab any color and make it work. I have struggled with how to get the right color for shadows and creases. Maybe this will help. Loree