Weekend Plans! June 1/2 2013!

Hi friends!! Hope everything is well!  I wanted to share with you some exciting news coming up…this weekend is ARTwalk in my city, and I’m so excited to be going!  I plan on bringing my trusty iPhone with me, so I’ll get some video footage of the events for you guys.  I’m hoping to really get a good feel of what it’s like to be a vendor there, as I’m hoping I can be a vendor there next year or the year after (I’ll probably start out at a smaller craft show than ARTwalk, it’s kind of a big deal in my small city, so maybe the year after).

Also, stay tuned for tomorrow’s Vlog, I have lots of exciting news to share with you guys!  I feel like I’ve been detached from the blog this past week due to work scedules.  I usually log in once a day, and I didn’t even log on once last week!  Eeek!  Well, fortunately that’s over with, so look forward to more tutorials and arting coming your way!

Thanks for sticking around and for your awesome support!

-Ashley <3

P.S.  OMG This weekend is the beginning of June!!! Finallyy!!!!!!!!!  So super excited for all the craft/art shows starting up soon!  It’s finally here! Summa-summa-summa time~~!! (*Cracks open margarita mix* Well I know what I’M doing tonight…talk to you all soon!)  😀

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