Tombow ABT Watercolor Marker Review

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the Tombow ABT Watercolor markers. I’ve been playing with them in different illustrations, and thought I would share how I think they preform.

Tombow ABT marker review
The pretty brush tip on these markers!

The markers come in a huge selection of colors, and have two ends, a brush tip and a nib tip. I found myself almost exclusively using the brush tip, as they remind me of Copic markers in how nicely the brush tip lays down the ink. It’s smooth and the tip is fine enough to reach in small spaces.

As for the watercolor part, that is where these markers shine. You can lay down color, then go back over with water on a brush to drag the pigment out and create a gradient that looks identical to pure watercolor.  They also work well with other pan watercolors, and can be used interchangeably in the same image. I did think they would be a little more “liquidy”, as they tended to dry quite fast, so I had to be quick with the water if I wanted to spread the color out, otherwise it would dry and be a bit more difficult to work with.

watercolor marker review Tombow
The Tombow ABT Watercolor Markers!


  • Brush tip is easy to use and lays down color beautifully
  • Markers work well with other watercolor media
  • Available in a huge selection of colors, much like Copic markers
  • Ink is acid free, so it can be used from everything from scrapbooking to fine watercolor art


  • Markers are not refillable
  • Nibs are not replaceable
  • Ink dries fast, and can be a bit difficult to reactivate in order to continue blending with water after drying
  • Ink is not permanent, and can run when working with other wet media (like any watercolor)

The main flaw of these markers is that the inks are not refillable.  This means that you can buy a large set of the markers, but once a marker dries up, you have to repurchase the marker, leading to more expense in the long run.


So that’s my review of the Tombow ABT Watercolor markers! My final thoughts on these is that they’re great to add variety to your stash of mixed media markers, pens and watercolor options, but I wouldn’t invest in them as my main marker due to the inability to refill the ink, or to replace the nibs if they get damaged somehow.

Let me know in a comment below what your thoughts are on these markers, and thanks for reading!

-Ashley <3


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