Three Canvases

Hi guys! Happy Friday!

This week I’ve finally started a project I’ve been meaning to do for a long time.  I started painting a canvas a few months ago, and as I was painting it I got the idea to make it into a triptych for my wall behind my sectional in the basement. I ended up getting involved with other projects in the meantime, and with Christmas and New Year’s in the mix, I haven’t got any new work completed on it…until now!

Triptych abstract earthtones
Finally they’re going to be finished!

So this past week I started painting my two other canvases similar to my original canvas, which you will be able to see in tomorrow’s speedpaint video.  Next week I plan on finishing it by painting all three at the same time with a unifying design (the details of which you will just have to wait to see!). After they’re completely dried and varnished, I’ll update you all with pictures of them finally hanging in my basement!  Soon I won’t have to look at a bare wall anymore! Yay!

So that was my week, guys.  I hope you have a great weekend, and I will talk with you real soon! Thanks for dropping by!

-Ashley <3

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