Zentangle for Beginners: Hollibaugh Pattern!

Hi guys! In this video we’re adding to our current Zentangle with the Hollibaugh pattern, a space-filling pattern that can be super dark to add contrast, or lighter depending on how you choose to fill in the negative space. I hope you enjoy, leave me a comment if you did!

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Zentangle for Beginners: Ynix Pattern!

Hi friends! Today we’re starting another Zentangle artwork on toned tan paper, and this time we’re starting with the Ynix pattern, a fun organic stand-alone or space-filling shape. I hope you enjoy!

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Zentangle for Beginners: Shattuck Pattern!

Hello friends! Welcome back to another Zentangle for Beginners video! In this video, I use a little variation on the Shattuck pattern to fill in some gaps in our ongoing doodle together. Next time we’ll add the shading and highlights to finish it and make it pop!

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Zentangle for Beginners: Pepper Pattern!

Hi friends! In this video we’ll start another doodle artwork together, and learn a new Zentangle pattern we can use! The Pepper pattern looks like a combination between a plant and a honey dipper.

We’re still working on the toned tan paper, so we’ll add some more bright white highlights at the end! I hope you enjoy! Leave me a comment, and thanks for watching!

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-Ashley <3

Zentangle for Beginners: Shading & Highlights!

Hi friends! In this video we’re adding some shading to our finished tangle from last time, and since we’re on toned tan paper, we can add highlights using a Gellyroll white pen too!

The white highlights really add extra dimension that you can’t get on white paper, so this tangle will be something a little special. I’ll also give tips along the way on how to go about shading your tangles and best practices to making your shadows and highlights make sense, and knowing where to put them.

I hope you enjoy, thanks so much for watching, and leave me a comment if you found this video helpful, thanks!

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-Ashley <3