Zentangle for Beginners: Hollibaugh Pattern!

Hi guys! In this video we’re adding to our current Zentangle with the Hollibaugh pattern, a space-filling pattern that can be super dark to add contrast, or lighter depending on how you choose to fill in the negative space. I hope you enjoy, leave me a comment if you did!

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Zentangle for Beginners: Ynix Pattern!

Hi friends! Today we’re starting another Zentangle artwork on toned tan paper, and this time we’re starting with the Ynix pattern, a fun organic stand-alone or space-filling shape. I hope you enjoy!

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Zentangle for Beginners: Shading & Highlights 2

Hi guys! In this video we’ll add some final shading and highlights thanks to our Gellyroll white pen on our toned tan paper to really make our tangle pop! I’ll also discuss some basic art shading techniques that can help take your doodle to the next level!

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Zentangle for Beginners: Shattuck Pattern!

Hello friends! Welcome back to another Zentangle for Beginners video! In this video, I use a little variation on the Shattuck pattern to fill in some gaps in our ongoing doodle together. Next time we’ll add the shading and highlights to finish it and make it pop!

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Free Doodle Reference Sheet!

Hi friends! Happy Monday! Today I have a freebie for you! I was asked by a lovely reader on one of my Zentangle for Beginners videos where she could find a reference sheet for various doodles and patterns.  I gave her my advice of what I do, which is to keep a running collection of favorite doodles and patterns in my sketchbook as I learn and discover new ones, but I thought it might be nice to have a little starter reference sheet, so I made one 🙂

free doodle patterns list

The sheet is divided into two sections: stand-alone doodles, and space-filling doodles, to make it easier to find the right doodle you need at the time.  The stand-alone doodles can of course be repeated and turned into a pattern to make them space-filling doodles, and vice-versa, but for the sake for simplicity I’ve divided them up.

The sheet is available as a PDF, sized to fit on standard letter size 8.5×11″ paper, so just print it out and put it in your sketchbook or wherever else it’ll be easy to look at when you need it! Please keep this sheet for personal use only, thank you!

Click the image below to download the PDF:

free zentangle reference sheet
Click the image to download!

So enjoy and be sure to share this post with your doodle-loving friends! And if you missed it, check out my post on 3 tips for learning to doodle! Thanks so much for stopping by, and till next time, keep creating!

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