6 Basic Watercolor Techniques for Beginners

Hello friends! Today I wanted to share 6 basic watercolor techniques every beginner needs to know. They’re quite simple, but they’re the basis to every watercolor painting (not necessarily all of them are in a single painting, but at least a couple will be!). Today I’ll demonstrate what they are and explain how they’re created! […]

How to Draw a Peony

Hi friends! In this two-part blog post, we’re going to make a peony in watercolor, starting with the first step: drawing one!  ***EDIT: Part 2 is now live! Click here to read the next steps: How to Paint a Peony At first glance, peonies can be intimidating due to their big, floppy petals, multiple layers, […]

Watercolor Cacti Speed Painting

Hello friends! In this video I’m painting a little group of succulents in watercolor! I adore cacti and succulents…truth be told, they’re pretty much the only plants I can keep alive! So I hope you enjoy my little tribute to them! Items Used: Watercolor paints by Artist’s Loft and Lukas brands Gellyroll pen in white […]