DIY Travel Watercolor Palette

Hello friends! Today I wanted to share a little DIY craft I did recently.  I have a couple watercolor palettes that I love using, but they’re all quite large, too large to bring with me during any travel, and too large to have sitting around on my dining table where I like to keep one […]

Being Creative During a Busy Day

Hello friends! Today I wanted to share a new little technique I’ve been using recently to stay creative during hectic days.  As a mom to now a baby and a toddler, my day gets busy pretty fast, and countless times I’ve found myself taking a breather to look at the clock and thinking, “it’s that […]

6 Basic Watercolor Techniques for Beginners

Hello friends! Today I wanted to share 6 basic watercolor techniques every beginner needs to know. They’re quite simple, but they’re the basis to every watercolor painting (not necessarily all of them are in a single painting, but at least a couple will be!). Today I’ll demonstrate what they are and explain how they’re created! […]