3 Easy DIY Spring Wall Art Projects

Hello friends! Well, Valentine’s Day is officially over, so I am totally in Springtime mode now! Bring on the flowers and the lush green and the rain and the warmer weather!!! Please!! So to give us a bit of hope that Spring is actually on the way, despite the fact that it is currently snowing outside, […]

Free Spring Floral Wall Art!

Hello friends! Happy Monday! Today I wanted to share a quick little digital project I whipped up using some free graphics! Here’s what it looks like: It’s one of my favorite quotes, “She believed she could, so she did” written in a pretty script font surrounded by whimsical flowers. I thought I’d give this little […]

Abstract Acrylic Painting Plein Air Speedpaint Part 1

Hi guys! This painting is inspired by the pretty colors Pantone chose for spring this year. This first part is just laying down the background and buliding texture. Next time I’ll add some pretty pinks,oranges, and other bright colors to really liven it up! You can see the colors that I’m going to be using […]

7 Inspiring Spring Palettes

Hi guys! Happy Monday! Today I just wanted to share some inspiring Spring palettes from Design Seeds. I’m going to be starting a spring colors-inspired abstract painting in the next couple weeks, so I wanted to share some of the colors I’m loving right now. So I hope they inspire you too, whether that’s to make […]