Pupcakes! Boxer, Newfoundland, Australian Shephard!

Hi friends! In this video I’m drawing another batch of Pupcakes! These breeds were all requested, so I hope you enjoy! I will be making more of these in the future, so if your breed you requested has not been drawn yet, it will! I will be doing small breeds next round.

Leave me a comment below if you enjoyed, and leave a request for any breed you’d like to see! Thanks for watching!

-Ashley <3

Coffee Cats Speedpaint

Hi friends! In this video, I’m drawing some Coffee Cats! Unlike the Pupcakes series, where I pick a breed and make a complimentary cupcake, I chose to pick a type of coffee and draw a complimentary cat!

I hope you enjoy! I may do another set of these in the near future, as they were pretty fun to draw! So leave me a comment below which brew of coffee you’d like to see next, and thanks for watching!

-Ashley <3

My Pupcakes Series is on NeonMob!

Hi friends! I hope you’re enjoying this Holiday season! I just have a quick blog post today to let everyone know about my Pupcakes series. If you watched Saturday’s Pupcakes speedpaint, I announced that I submitted my Pupcakes series to NeonMob, an online artist trading card website.

The cards are all designed by artists, and the artist have to submit their series for the public to vote on them to see if they’ll be accepted as a new card series. I submitted my Pupcakes series, and I ended up getting enough likes to be able to release them! I was so excited to get an email from NeonMob saying that my proposal has been accepted!

NeonMob puppy cards
My little Pupcakes series!

So if you’d like to collect your favorite breeds for youself, you can make a free account on NeonMob, and start opening packs of Pupcakes! Some are more rare than others, and you can even order posters of your favorite breed.

So that’s all for now, guys! I just wanted to share this exciting news with you! Enjoy the rest of the Holiday Season, and till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3