Shiny Ball Syndrome: Don’t Get Caught in the Highlight!

Hey guys! So I wanted to write a post to compliment my previous post on using grounds, that is, I wanted to talk about the colour white a bit more.  Last time we talked about avoiding white as a colour to start painting over for various reasons, and today I want to talk about yet […]

What Colors Make Brown?

Hi friends!  We’re continuing with our colour mixing theme today and diving into another paint colour: brown!  Ah, brown.  At first it seems like such a boring colour…but brown is all around us, and the type of brown you mix for your paintings can have a real effect on the final feel of your finished […]

How to Mix Purple

Hi friends!  I hope you had an awesome week…I’ve enjoyed the nice warm weather we’ve been FINALLY having here in Ontario over the past couple days.  My week has been pretty crazy with my work schedule and trying to make progress with my website and shop, but it’s all good, and I’m really excited about […]

How to Mix Green

Hi friends, today’s post is a continuation of last week’s post about mixing common paint colours.  In that post I said I wanted to write a series of blog posts showing how to mix paint colours (to compliment the video series I’m currently doing).  So starting with this post I’ll be explaining various ways to […]