Shiny Ball Syndrome: Don’t Get Caught in the Highlight!

Hey guys! So I wanted to write a post to compliment my previous post on using grounds, that is, I wanted to talk about the colour white a bit more.  Last time we talked about avoiding white as a colour to start painting over for various reasons, and today I want to talk about yet […]

How to Mix Grey

Hi friends! Continuing with our colour mixing adventures, next up is grey!  Now the first thing to pop into a beginner’s mind when thinking about mixing grey is white and black.  This is a very quick way to mix a neutral grey (know those tubes of paint you can buy called “neutral grey”?  That’s all […]

What Colors Make Brown?

Hi friends!  We’re continuing with our colour mixing theme today and diving into another paint colour: brown!  Ah, brown.  At first it seems like such a boring colour…but brown is all around us, and the type of brown you mix for your paintings can have a real effect on the final feel of your finished […]