3 Pretty After Easter Spring Decor Ideas!

Hi friends! Happy Easter Monday! I hope you had a great weekend and spent some precious time with your loved ones, regardless if you celebrate Easter or not! Now that the bunny-fest is over, how can we keep our homes looking fresh and Spring-like, without looking like we just didn’t take down our Easter decorations? I’ve got three great decor craft ideas from Pinterest that I hope will inspire you! So let’s get to it! As always, you can click the pictures to be taken to their sources. Enjoy!

Painted Egg Mini Planters

What better way to resuse your painted Easter eggs then to grow little plants in them! Take out the hard boiled egg, add some pot soil, and you’ve got an adorable mini planter.  There’s something so renewing about the image of a small flower or plant hatching out of an egg.

Easter egg upcycle diy planter
Since your Easter eggs are already painted, these mini planters look fancy without any extra work!

Framed Spring Chalkboard

An old framed painting from the thrift store, some gold spray paint, some chalkboard paint, and you have pretty chalkboard art for your mantle or wall! The best part is that it doesn’t have to stay spring-themed, you can wipe off the chalk and change it up throughout the seasons!

diy framed chalkboard
I love the green pots that are sitting infront of it too! The whole arrangement is fresh and inviting!

Chalkboard Herb Planters

And finally, new growing plants are the epitome of what springtime is all about, and making a fresh start in your kitchen by growing your own herbs is an excellent way to welcome spring into your home.  These planters have been painted with chalkboard paint so you can write exactly what’s growing in them! And whenever you repot or change what you want to grow, the pot’s label can easily be changed as well. This is how you can use your leftover chalkboard paint from the previous idea, wink wink!

diy herb garden, diy planter,chalkboard paint
I love the distressed look on these pots as well! Painting them with chalk paint then rubbing them lightly with sandpaper can make this look. It goes excellent with the chalkboard paint!

So there you go guys, three easy ways to add some spring decor to your home without making it look Eastery. So thanks so much for stopping by, and till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3

4 Beautiful DIY Valentine’s Day Wreaths Using Supplies You Already Have

Hi friends! Happy Monday!

Today I’ve got a Pinterest round-up of some simple and gorgeous Valentine’s Day wreaths! I made my own Valentine’s wreath last year, so this year I wanted to share a few more ideas to spruce up your doors for the season. Each one is made from different materials, so you can pick whichever you have the supplies to do! As always, click on the pictures to be taken to the full instructions.  Enjoy!

Scrapbook Paper Hearts Wreath

scrapbook paper heart wreath
A great way to use up scraps!

This wreath is so beautiful! I can see using leftover Christmas scrapbook paper or even wrapping paper in reds and whites to make this, along with actual Valentine’s themed scrapbook paper.

Mesh Ribbon Wreath

This wreath can be made in 20 minutes according to its creator, and the mesh ribbon can again be something leftover from Christmas!

easy diy valentine wreath
Simple and pretty!

Tulle Wreath

This wreath is so girly and cute, it reminds me of a tutu!

diy valentine wreath tulle
So feminine!

Felt Wreath

This wreath is made of a bunch of felt circles.  It looks so plush and soft! The heart shape is a nice change from the usual circle, too!

heart shaped wreath felt
So elegant!

So there you have it guys! If you have ribbon,tulle,felt, or scrapbook paper, you can make one of these pretty wreaths for Valentine’s Day! Let me know in a comment below if you’ll be making a wreath for Valentine’s Day this year, and till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3

5 DIY Valentine’s Day Canvases

Hi friends! Happy Monday! So today I have a beautiful Pinterest round-up of some Valentine’s Day themed DIY canvases.  The following projects are fairly simple to do with limited materials, but look amazing! Any one of these would be the perfect addition to your home for some Valentine’s pizzazz. So please enjoy, and as always you can click on the picture to be taken to the original source where you will find all the instructions 🙂

LOVE Kid’s Art Canvas

I love the idea of getting kids into the art creation process.  By taping off the word of your choice (“love” in this case) you can then let your kids run wild with the paint.  Let them get it all over the canvas, then simply peel off your tape, and you have a pretty work of art you made together!

DIY valentine home decor kids crafts
You could paint the canvas first to make your exposed word any colour you like!

Glitter LOVE Canvas Art

Take that same idea, but instead of taping a canvas off, add glittered wooden letter over top of a painted canvas! I love the colour combination of the gold glitter and the black and white stripes, but navy and white stripes would look awesome too! Or you could tape off a zigzag chevron pattern instead of straight stripes. Or, just like the above idea, let your kids have at it and make their own background!

valentine canvas diy ideas
A touch of glitter is ALWAYS a good idea 🙂

Key To My Heart Canvas

This found object canvas is so beautiful! I love those big skeleton keys you can buy at craft stores, and creating a heart canvas as the background for it is such a lovely idea.  It also elevates the simple heart shape painting, giving it a bit more elegance instead of a simple image. This one is done on wood, but a fabric canvas would work just as well.

valentine day decor ideas
The rustic painting is perfect for the vintage-looking key!

Twig Heart Canvas

Another found object idea, twigs cut at various lengths to make a heart shape is such a cute idea! This canvas looks great with a simple flat colour background, letting the twigs take the spotlight.  If you wanted, you could spray paint the twigs white or any other colour you want as well, though I personally like the rustic look of the wood.

valentine art pinterest
A simple background doesn’t take away from the twigs as the focus.

Mixed Media Button Canvas

And finally, my personal favourite of this collection! This mixed media button heart canvas is abslutely gorgeous! I’ve seen other button heart canvases on pinterest, but they were all very simple with a heart in the center of a canvas made out of buttons.  This piece is so much more with all the different buttons and colours, plus the added script and collage elements.  It really is a work of art instead of a simple seasonal house decoration.

mixed media valentine canvas
This would make an amazing photo book cover, or even as artwork to keep up all year round!

So there you have it, guys! Five canvases that hopefully inspire you to create your own valentine work of art! I’m going to be working on my own little heart artwork for this year, so I’m hoping you’re looking forward to my own interpretation of these ideas! Thanks for stopping by!

Till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3

Nursery Room Tour!

Hi guys! So I finally got the nursery completed! I’ll show you around so you can see everything finally come together!

Here’s some links in case you missed the creation of things in this room:
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Washi Tape baby name art video

Blog posts about baby mobile:
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Mobile Finished (pics of completed mobile are here!)

So I really hope you enjoy, and as of today, Aug. 23, 2014, baby still hasn’t arrived yet. So I’m currently 3 days over my due date. I’ll keep you guys updated!

Thanks so much for watching!!

-Ashley <3

Pinspiration Monday: 3 Home Decor DIY Hacks

Hi friends! Hope your weekend was fun!  Mine was busy but great with lots of visiting family time.  Today I thought I’d share three really cool home decor shortcuts I found on Pinterest.  As always, click on the picture to be taken to the full instructions, enjoy!

How to Hang a Perfect Wall Gallery

Hanging a cluster of frames can be a time-consuming and frustrating task, bit this tutorial shows a simple method to making sure your pictures are in the right spot the first try!

how to hang pictures on a wall


Textured Glass Vases

These pretty vases look like they’d be an expensive purchase, but it’s actually a pretty simple DIY project!

home decor diy ideas


DIY Metallic Pillow Covers

These gorgeous pillow covers are made using canvas and gold leaf! Who would have thought you can gold leaf fabric?

gold leaf diy projects


So there you have it, guys: 3 projects that will make your home more beautiful without breaking your budget.  I always love finding ways to recreate the expensive things in home stores using craft materials, just so satisfying!  I hope these projects have inspired you, thanks for stopping by, and till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3