Why Your Drawings Suck.

Hello friends! Happy Monday! I want to quickly preface this post with a little clarification. I’m not saying your drawings suck, you’re saying your drawings suck. So before anyone starts throwing tomatoes at me, let’s get into what I mean by this (trust me, there’s a point I’m going to make, haha!) So first, I […]

Draw It Again: Doodle Peacock

Hi friends! In this video, I’m redrawing an older artwork to hopefully improve it! This new recurring series will hopefully inspire you to know that with practice, you can improve, and when you look back on your older artworks, you can see just how much you’ve improved, and redraw them! Leave me a comment below […]

Lucky Dip Art Challenge #14

It’s time for another Lucky Dip! Whoop whoop! I hope you guys are excited for it! This is our 14th one! Wow!! Ok, things are dwindling down in my little box, so we should see some interesting things for this one…let’s check it out! What I Pulled: Tombow ABT marker in pale yellow Aqua Monolith […]