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Hi friends! So I’ve been getting quite a few emails recently with questions about what brands of resin I use, what other tool I use with it, and things like that, so I thought it would be best to address them all in a video!

So in this video I’ll share with you all of the things I use when working with resin, from measuring and pouring it, to the specific brands of resin I use, to how I finish a piece with sanding. So I hope this helps, and thanks for watching!

Starter ICE Resin kit
Starter ICE Resin kit

Buy an ICE resin starter kit (with measuring cups and stir sticks) on Amazon by clicking here!

Buy 100 measuring cups for a little over $4 by clicking here!

Thanks for watching!

-Ashley <3

**Please note that while I am not being sponsored to mention any specific brands in this video, the above links to Amazon are affiliate links so I will receive a small portion of any sales. Thanks for supporting me and helping me continue to share videos and tutorials with you!

5 DIY Crafts to Get You Prepared for Summer

Hi guys! Happy Monday! So today I wanted to share a little Pinterest round-up of some really great crafts to get prepared for summer.  Do these projects now and be ready for the best summer ever! I’m looking forward to this summer so much. It’s Xavier’s first summer, as he was born at the end of August last year. So I’m super excited to share the best things about summer with him. So without further blabbing on my part, here’s some great DIY crafts to get geared up for summer! As always, click on the pictures to be taken to the source!

Mini Scrapbook

This little book is so adorable! You can make all of the backgrounds and have the book bound with the binder rings beforehand, then as the summer goes just fill the book in with titles, pictures, and your thoughts on the moment. A quick and beautiful way to save those summer memories for the cold winter!

diy mini scrapbook ideas
Have this book ready and fill it in with your summer adventures!

Beachy Rope Mirror

This mirror is adorable, and all it takes is some rope and seashells to dress up an old mirror! Put it by an entryway to be reminded of the fresh summer breezes that are to come!

A simple and pretty addition to your home decor!
A simple and pretty addition to your home decor!

DIY Cork Coasters

Make some of these pretty hand-painted coasters for your patio set! They’re whimsical and warm, perfect for a cool summer night.

diy coasters
These would look adorable outside on a patio!

Watermelon Stamped Welcome Mat

How cute is this?! Welcome summer with open arms with this simple craft. A few watermelons stamped onto a basic welcome mat elevate it to fresh summer looks.

easy welcome mat craft
Give your welcome mat a makeover!

Floating Candle Bug Repellent

Write this recipe down and save it for those summer evenings outside. They’re pretty and contain natural mosquito repellent to keep you and your guests bug free! All you need are some mason jars, floating candles,citronella essential oil,mint leaves, lemon and line slices, and some sprigs of rosemary. They smell amazing and keep those pests at bay!

homemade bug repellent
Keep this idea stashed away and make a few of these jars anytime you’re going to be sitting outside…which is basically every evening in the summertime. 🙂

So there you have it, guys! I hope these DIY ideas have gotten you pumped for summer. It’s not too far away, I can’t wait! Let’s make this the best summer ever! And til next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3

5 Beautiful DIY Spring Decor Crafts

Hi friends! Happy Monday! This past week has been a gorgeous hint at the upcoming spring weather, and I’m so excited for the warmer sunnier weather to get here! So here’s a little Pinspiration to add some springtime cheer to our homes! Because surviving the dull winter is an accomplishment and the new spring growth and warmer weather is definitely something worth celebrating, so here we go! As usual, you can click on the pictures to be take to their source for full instructions.  Have fun!

DIY Faux Dandelions

These are so adorable! And so simple! And anthropologie hack that’s super easy and fun to make! I need some of these in my house!

Anthropologie hack dandelion blooms
These are made from q-tips and styrofoam balls!

Spring Pom-Pom Bunting

Because spring is something worth celebrating! This little banner is so adorable! It would be great as a birthday party or baby shower decoration too! Then just hang it up in your house afterwards!

DIY bunting banner shabby chic
Beautiful fresh colours for springtime!

Scrappy Sparrow Decoration

This little bird is so adorable! A perfect little elegant spring touch to any home 🙂

So cute yet simple!
So cute yet simple!

Hydrangea Easter Eggs

What a classy way to add some floral touches to your Easter decor! These eggs are covered in silk hydrangeas, so they can be reused every year!

hydrangea covered easter eggs diy
Such an elegant way to display decorated eggs!

Crocus in a Cup

And finally, what better way to welcome spring than to grow some springtime blooms in your home? I adore crocuses, they’re my favourite spring flower! Especially when they randomly pop up in my front lawn, hello spring! Nice to see you emerging! These crocuses growing in tea cups is the CUTEST.THING.EVER. I might have to make a little trip to my local thrift store this week to find some mismatched tea cups!

corcus in a cup diy spring decor
So so cute! How bright and fresh will these look on your kitchen table?!

So there you have it, guys! Some super adorable and simple springtime DIY decor! What are you decorating your home with this season? Thanks for stopping by, and till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3

4 Beautiful DIY Valentine’s Day Wreaths Using Supplies You Already Have

Hi friends! Happy Monday!

Today I’ve got a Pinterest round-up of some simple and gorgeous Valentine’s Day wreaths! I made my own Valentine’s wreath last year, so this year I wanted to share a few more ideas to spruce up your doors for the season. Each one is made from different materials, so you can pick whichever you have the supplies to do! As always, click on the pictures to be taken to the full instructions.  Enjoy!

Scrapbook Paper Hearts Wreath

scrapbook paper heart wreath
A great way to use up scraps!

This wreath is so beautiful! I can see using leftover Christmas scrapbook paper or even wrapping paper in reds and whites to make this, along with actual Valentine’s themed scrapbook paper.

Mesh Ribbon Wreath

This wreath can be made in 20 minutes according to its creator, and the mesh ribbon can again be something leftover from Christmas!

easy diy valentine wreath
Simple and pretty!

Tulle Wreath

This wreath is so girly and cute, it reminds me of a tutu!

diy valentine wreath tulle
So feminine!

Felt Wreath

This wreath is made of a bunch of felt circles.  It looks so plush and soft! The heart shape is a nice change from the usual circle, too!

heart shaped wreath felt
So elegant!

So there you have it guys! If you have ribbon,tulle,felt, or scrapbook paper, you can make one of these pretty wreaths for Valentine’s Day! Let me know in a comment below if you’ll be making a wreath for Valentine’s Day this year, and till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3

5 Easy Last-Minute Holiday Party Tricks

Hi friends! Well it’s Monday, and Christmas will soon be here! If you’re having people over and maybe not quite feeling fully prepared, then this Pinspiration Monday post is for you! Here’s some quick and easy DIY tricks to make your party merry and bright.  As always, click on the image to be taken to the source for full instructions.  Happy Holidays!

Wrap Cookies in Parchment Paper Boxes

Need a container to put your baked cookies in, and not worry about getting it back afterwards? Use your empty aluminum and parchment paper roll boxes and paint them to make a perfectly pretty container that you can give away! Let everyone bring home a box of cookies, and save yourself some serious cash on the cookie tin!

diy Christmas party tricks

Use a Chalkboard Serving Platter

No more missing labels!
No more missing labels!

Never worry about your guests not knowing what type of cheese or snack item you’ve set out! The label is right on the serving platter because you can simply write on it! A simple serving platter from the dollar store will work, paint it with chalkboard paint, and you’re good to go!

Dress Up Your Mini Brownies with Santa Hats

last minute Christmas party ideas
The handmade feel without the hassle!

Need a fast dessert that’s still festive? Maybe you’re invited to a party and want to bring something? Use strawberries and frosting to add a festive splash to store-bought mini brownies by turning them into Santa hats! Festive and fast! Of course, you could make your brownies from scratch too, but this is a great way to turn a last-minute dessert into something a little more fun 🙂

Use Christmas Candy as Vase Fillers

DIY Christmas decorations
Fast decor!

Need an extra something on your table? Run out of Christmas balls or other vase fillers? Break out those candy canes and Christmas mints and put them in your vase! These are great as filler for a vase with festive plants, or on their own here in apothecary jars! They will quickly add some extra cheer to your home!

Print Your Own Gift Tags

DIY Christmas printables
The perfect handmade touch!

Finally, send your guests on their way with a beautiful handmade gift tag on their parting gifts.  These tags can be printed either with or without colour.  So you can colour them yourself to fit your colour scheme and make them your own, or print them out with colour for a fast fix.  A beautiful personal touch to remember your great holiday get-together.

So that’s it for now guys! I hope these last-minute ideas have inspired you.  Have a safe and happy holiday season, and I will see you again soon!

Till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3