How to Mix Acrylic Paint

Hi friends! In this video I’m sharing the basics of mixing acrylic paint, demonstrating the two ways you can mix acrylic paint (on the canvas or on your palettes), how to blend your colours together on the canvas, how to tone down a colour that’s too vibrant, and how to avoid mixing mud while you’re […]

6 Basic Watercolor Techniques for Beginners

Hello friends! Today I wanted to share 6 basic watercolor techniques every beginner needs to know. They’re quite simple, but they’re the basis to every watercolor painting (not necessarily all of them are in a single painting, but at least a couple will be!). Today I’ll demonstrate what they are and explain how they’re created! […]

Going Through Old Paintings!

Hi friends! In this video I’m going through some old paintings of mine to share some of the things I’ve learned through the frustrations and failures of painting them. I hope you find them helpful and inspiring in your own artistic journeys! Leave me a comment below, and thanks for watching! My old sketchbook video […]