Lucky Dip Art Challenge #21

Hi friends! It’s time for another Lucky Dip! I’m hoping I can make something Christmas-related for this one, we will see I guess! I hope you enjoy!

What I Pulled:

  • Tombow ABT marker in yellow
  • Tombow ABT marker in plum purple
  • ColorBox inkpad in yellow
  • Tri-color Colored Pencil in green
  • Molotow Acrylic Paint Marker in burgundy

Thanks for watching!

-Ashley <3

Lucky Dip Art Challenge #20!

Hey guys! It’s time for another Lucky Dip! What will I have to make art with this time?

What I Pulled:

  • Zig Sepia Brush Pen
  • Oil Pastel Stick in Pink
  • Palomino Blackwing graphite pencil
  • Wolff’s Carbon Charcoal pencil
  • FX Artist’s Acrylic Ink in Flame Orange

Leave me a comment below if you enjoyed, and thanks for watching!

-Ashley <3

Art Journal Penpal: August!

Hi guys! In this video I’m doing my art journal penpal entry for August in my journal with Brie. I was inspired by the heat of August in my color palette and imagery.

I hope you enjoy, leave a comment, and be sure to check out Brie’s channel for her July process and to see what she’ll do for September!

Brie’s July Video is here.

-Ashley <3

Lucky Dip Art Challenge: Pokemon Go Special Edition!

Hi friends! In today’s video I’m doing a special Lucky Dip, with a Pokemon Go theme! I’ve been playing Pokemon Go whenever I have the time, and when Elyse mentioned on Instagram that maybe it could spark a Lucky Dip, I knew I had to do it! So thanks for the inspiration Elyse!

What I Pulled:

  • Tombow ABT Colorless blender
  • Tombow ABT marker in mint
  • Zig 0.3 black liner pen
  • Palomino Blackwing graphite pencil
  • Duck Tape in silver

Leave me a comment if you enjoyed, and thanks for watching!

-Ashley <3

Free Doodle Border References

free doodle border references for your art journal or sketchbook

Hello artsy friends! Happy Monday! Today I wanted to share a bit of a follow up to my free doodle reference sheet. ┬áIt’s full of doodle designs and patterns to use in your art journal, bullet journal, planner, sketchbook, or wherever else you like to doodle, so I thought sharing some great resources for doodle borders would be fitting!

These borders come in handy whenever you want to section something off, but still in an artistic way. So let’s get into it! Draw them yourself in your sketchbook or visit their sources by clicking the images to download the full resolution images to print!

doodle border ideas
This sheet is full of a variety of doodle border styles. From L’oiseau noir.
doodle arrow references
Arrows are simple but virtually endless in the variety you can get by changing the way you draw them! From Twenty Something Meltdown (visit her blog for more free doodle downloads!)
doodle border art journal ideas
Feathers, arrows, and nature-inspired vines all provide limitless variety. From Passion Themed Life (check out her blog for more doodle ideas too!)

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this little roundup of doodle border ideas! Thanks for stopping by, and till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3