An Acrylic Painting for Beginners Tutorial Round-Up!

Hi friends! Happy Monday! Today I wanted to do another little post round-up, similar to the watercolor tutorial round-up I’ve already done.  My goal for these types of posts is to bring light to older tutorials that may be lost in the archives of this blog, so newer readers can enjoy, and maybe my current […]

FULL LENGTH Beginner Acrylic Painting Lesson: Juicy Pear Still Life

Hi friends! Today I’ve got another FULL LENGTH acrylic painting tutorial! We’ll learn to paint this pear together step by step, and I’ll give some reasoning for the choices I’m making along with a bit of color theory and acrylic painting techniques as we go along. So grab your brushes and let’s go! Here’s your […]

4 Mixed Media Art Techniques You May Not Have Tried Yet

Hi friends! Happy Monday! Today I wanted to share a few cool techniques I found while browsing through Pinterest over the weekend.  These techniques are really interesting, pretty simple, and can bring some variety to any mixed media work. Click on the pictures to be taken to their sources where you’ll find the full instructions. […]