Polymer Clay Spring Sheep Tutorial

These sheep have bling! :)
These sheep have bling! 🙂

Hi friends! For today’s Tutorial Tuesday, we’re going to be making a cute sheep from polymer clay and pearls.  These sheep are cute and perfect for springtime.  You can add an eye pin to them before curing and use them as key chains or charms, or keep them as figurines and decorate a special spot in your home.

Materials needed:

  • polymer clay in whatever colour you want your sheep to be
  • craft or Swarovski crystals for eyes and embellishment
  • pearl beads in at least two different sizes, in whatever colour you want for your sheep
  • E-6000 glue
  • strong wire for support
  • wire cutters
  • toothpick or pointed clay tool for details
  • craft or professional acrylic paint, whatever you have on hand
  • polymer clay glaze (I use Sculpey glaze in gloss finish)
  • eye pin if you want to make your sheep a charm

I hope you give it a try and have fun making your little sheep!

Thanks so much for watching!!!

I really hope you enjoy this tutorial, and if you do choose to make your own sheep, please post a pic of them on Instagram or Twitter with @ashleypicanco so I can see your creations!!

Happy Spring!


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