Sakura Souffle Pens Review

My pack of Souffle Pens!

My pack of Souffle Pens!

Hi friends!  I wanted to take the time today to review one of my favourite pens: the Souffle Pen by Sakura.  Reviewing art and craft products is something I want to start doing, in the hopes of helping out anyone who is new to them.  So this is my very first product review, so let’s get into it!

I’ve been using Souffle pens for quite a while now.  I bought my pack of fun pastel-like colours a little over a year ago, and use them from time to time in mixed media projects.  The pens come in all sorts of colours, and the ink from them is slightly raised as opposed to normal pen ink.  The raised ink stands out the most on smooth surfaces, and is less noticible on rough paper.

The pens roll very well, nice and smooth.  The ink comes out rather transparent, giving a new user the false impression that these pens aren’t opaque as advertised.  Let me assure you, however, once the ink dries these babies are intense! The colour is vivid and beautiful, and shows up over any other colour, including black!

In fact, that’s where these pens shine the most: against dark surfaces.  They simply POP like no other pen I’ve seen can.  They cancel out all dark colour beneath them, leaving gorgeous opaque, saturated colour.

My mixed media drawing "Spring" uses Souffle Pens to outline the background flowers

My mixed media drawing “Spring” uses Souffle Pens to outline the background flowers

Useable Surfaces

The pens work best on a smooth surface, where the raised ink can be visibly seen.  I love using them on smooth hot pressed

Look how vibrant the Souffle Pen outline is!

Look how vibrant the Souffle Pen outline is!

watercolour paper, and especially in my resin projects!  These suckers glide so smoothly over resin and glass, leaving vivid colour behind wherever you sweep the pen.  One thing of note, however, the ink doesn’t seem to dry completely on resin or glass, meaning that if you wipe your hands over it, it could smudge.

What I do to overcome this is to use the pens in between layers of resin, pouring a new layer of resin over the dried ink (the ink does not smudge when the resin is poured over it, only if you touch it with your finger or any other hard object).  This process ends up creating another fun effect: the Souffle ink leaves a shadow in the resin underneath it, giving your piece added dimension!  I use this in my mixed media resin paintings, as well as in some of my resin jewelry designs.

So in conclusion (or for the TL;DR people in the group):


  • Vivid, opaque colour

    My mixed media painting "Marie" uses Souffle pens in between two layers of resin

    My mixed media painting “Marie” uses Souffle pens in between two layers of resin

  • Wide range of available colours
  • Super smooth application
  • Complete coverage over dark surfaces
  • Works on paper as well as glass or resin
  • Limitless possibilities!


  • Can smudge when applied to resin or glass (requires a protective cover or another layer of resin on top)
  • Initial application seems transparent, can throw off a new user (becomes opaque in time)

Not a lot of cons here, these pens are seriously awesome, and I recommend them to any mixed media artist, scrapbooker, or general crafter.  Grab a set and have a go!  You won’t be disappointed.  I get excited every time I see an opportunity to use them!

Hope this review was helpful!  Have a crafty day!!


See the shadows?!?  :D

See the shadows?!? 😀

P.S.  This is not a sponsored review.  I bought the pens a long time ago with my own money.  This is strictly my opinion of the product based on my experience using them.  I’m not being paid to give a good review, the pens are just awesome and I wanted to share them with you guys  <3

P.P.S.  Damn you WordPress stop saying I’m spelling colour wrong!!!   D:<  Rawwrr~~


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