REAL TIME Watercolor Painting Part 1: Drawing!

Hi guys! So it was requested that I show some of my process done in real time (thanks Wendy!). I wanted to make another fox to go with my “Looking Back” fox, so I decided that this fox, which I’m naming “Second Glance” will be all filmed and I’ll make a video of its creation in real time.

So this first video is of the drawing process. I started with a rough sketch to determine the pose, and then I start drawing it out in good in my sketchbook. I didn’t edit anything out so you can see my full drawing process (including some frustrating times when things don’t go well!)

There is no audio commentary, only captions to explain what I’m doing here and there, so feel free to put this video on mute, turn on your own music, grab a coffee and sit back and enjoy! I hope you guys find it helpful!

So thanks so much for watching, and be sure to subscribe if you’re new so you don’t miss the next steps in this process!

-Ashley <3

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