Rainbow Owl Speed Paint

A rainbow watercolor painting of an owl on 9×12″ hot press watercolour paper.  The painting process has been sped up 8-16x.

Hi friends! It’s Speed Paint Saturday!  I got this idea simply by the fact that I love owls…and I love rainbows…and I wanted to do a watercolour painting this week  xD

I wanted to really focus on negative space with this painting because I plan on using the image as a t-shirt design in the future as well as a painting.  So I wanted lots of empty space for the colour of the t-shirt to show through, and let the owl kind of blend into the shirt.  I think a white t-shirt would of course look good, but also a heathered grey would probably look pretty neat too.  I’m not sure about other colours, I’ll have to play around with mock-ups.

What I DO know for sure is that I had a bunch of fun painting this, and will totally do more rainbow watercolour animal in the near future!

So I really hope you enjoy, and thanks so much for watching!!

-Ashley <3

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