Pinspiration Monday: Printed Words Transfered to Wood

Hello friends!  Today’s Pinspiration is from a blog called Diddle Dumpling, and it shows us how to transfer typed words from our computers to roughed up wood panels.


The full tutorial can be found here, but basically all it involves is typing words of your choice on your computer (preferrably in Photoshop or GIMP) and then flipping them horizontally to make the mirror image of your words.  You then print them out with your inkjet printer onto plain old copy paper, placing the word face-down on your piece of wood, wetting the paper and lightly rubbing over the letters with something smooth, like the cap of a Sharpie (see above picture).

Photo is from Diddle Dumpling's blog. Be sure to check out the full tutorial!
Photo is from Diddle Dumpling’s blog. Be sure to check out the full tutorial!

Once you’ve done that, you can remove the paper, and leave it how it is, or go over the letters with diluted black (or whatever other colour you want to use) acrylic paint.

You can then attach twine to the wood pieces and hang them in your house!  They can be as vintage or new-looking as you like, depending on how much you “rough-up” the wood and how solid you make the letters.

This would make a really cute decoration in a kitchen,bathroom, or even guest bedroom.  I really want to do this this coming summer! (Even though I’m trying to keep the decorating to a minimum because we’re thinking of moving…)

Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and be sure to check out Diddle Dumpling’s blog for more fun house-decorating ideas! (I’ve added this blog to my favourites!).

See you next time!

-Ashley <3

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