DIY Polymer Clay Peacock Pendant Tutorial

Hi friends! It’s time for another Tutorial Tuesday, and if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you already know what’s coming up!  I said in my very first video that I wanted to do arts and crafts tutorials, but so far all of my tutorials have been about acrylic paint for beginners.  So this time we’re switching gears and playing with polymer clay!

All you need to make this pendant are basic polymer clay and jewelry making supplies, plus a pretty peacock feather (you can find them at craft stores). I show you step by step how I form, cure, and paint the peacock, so you can do it at home! You can pause the video at anytime to catch up to where I am in the tutorial…I had to speed it up a little bit because this tutorial is already over 20min long!

I recommend watching it once all the way through, then watching it again when you’re ready to start crafting and pausing it as you go.

I really hope you enjoy this tutorial, and if you do choose to make your own peacock, please post a pic of it on Instagram or Twitter with @ashleypicanco so I can see your creation!!

Have fun!

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