Podcasts for Artists I’m Loving

Hello friends! So today I wanted to share something I’ve recently been diving into – listening to podcasts.  I know, I know, they’ve been around for a long time already, but I really feel like now they’re starting to come into the spotlight a bit more.

I’ve known about podcasts for quite a while, and at first I wasn’t even 100% sure what they are, exactly.  Then I learned that they’re basically radio talkshows that anyone can make and broadcast into the virtual airwaves for people to listen to for free – like a YouTube for radio.  It also took me a while to realize that even though they’re called “podcasts”, you don’t need access to iTunes or have an Apple device to listen to them.  Any smartphone can find free podcast-playing apps in their respective app stores, like Google Play for androids.

At first I didn’t think I was a good fit for podcasts – I don’t spend a lot of time commuting or sitting on subways where I have downtime to listen to one.  I’m also a visual person so the idea of just sitting and listening to an audio talkshow didn’t appeal to me too much.  Then it hit me – I can listen to one while I’m getting ready in the morning! I can have one playing on my phone while I brush my hair and do my makeup, or while I’m eating breakfast and having a coffee before X wakes up for the day.  The fact that there’s no video means I can be doing other things around the house while I’m absorbing the content – like cleaning or getting dressed.

And so I began my search for podcasts that would appeal to me, and let me tell you friends – I’m addicted.

I’m a total convert – podcasts are awesome! Now it’s something I look forward to every morning as part of my morning routine.  I always have one going as soon as I get out of the shower, and I listen to it the entire time I’m tidying up the house and having breakfast before the little one wakes up and the rest of my day begins.

Art Business Podcasts I'm Loving

So in this post today, I thought I’d share my most favorite art business-oriented podcasts.  I listen to other topics as well, but the following podcasts are aimed at artists and creative entrepreneurs, and honestly every time I see a little notification that one of them has uploaded a new episode, I do a little happy dance. So these are the current podcasts for artists that I am LOVING!

I’ve linked to their websites (which many of them are bloggers too so I now love visiting their blogs regularly!) but you can also open up your podcast app of choice and search for the titles in there. Enjoy!

Artists Helping Artists – this is a newer one for me, as I just discovered it a few weeks ago.  I’m enjoying it quite a bit already though, as it’s full of all sorts of little information nuggets when it comes to running an online business as an artist.  It usually deals with topics revolving around social media and marketing your artwork, which I’m finding very useful and informative.  These podcasts are all usually quite long (a little over an hour) and there’s a good 10-15 minutes of chatting as the host welcomes the guests of the episode and talk about their daily lives, but I like that it makes me feel like I’m part of the conversation, like I’m showing up to coffee with them and we’re chatting before getting down to business.

My only negative about this podcast is that there are no “show notes”, which is a written quick summary of the episode with links to any mentioned resources (quite a few podcasts that come from bloggers do this). There’s usually a list of things I want to check out after each episode, so I find myself making sure I have a notebook near me when listening to this one to quickly jot down the name of any app or service they mention that I want to look into more.

Being Boss – these ladies crack me up. Being Boss is a show co-hosted by two creative entrepreneurs who frequently have other guests on as well, but they also do episodes with just the two of them talking to each other.  They’re witty and very internet-savvy, making their podcast super interesting to listen to.  They cover more than just selling your art online, as their scope covers the whole female creative internet entrepreneur realm, but I find their topics to be very helpful, and many of their guests are artists or crafters who have taken the leap to owning their own business.  They also have their own facebook group for discussing the topics further, which you can find on their website.

Brilliant Business Moms – this one is a bit newer for me too, as I just discovered it shortly after Artists Helping Artists.  It’s focus is on creative entrepreneurs who are also moms, and I love their range of topics.  I haven’t listened to a whole lot of their podcasts yet, but they cover internet marketing and talk about Etsy shops and the general crafter/artist business model.

Elise Gets Crafty – this one is one of my favorites.  Elise is a mother of two little girls and a creative entrepreneur.  Her podcasts cover everything from running Etsy shops and other creative online businesses to time management to social media to avoiding burnout while trying to balance your business life with your mommy life.  Her guests are usually Etsy shop owners and range from fine artists to crafters and vintage item sellers.  I always look forward to every new podcast she posts, and find myself also visiting her blog quite often, where she shares a look into her family life as well (kind of like I do on my other blog).

So there’s my little list of art business-related podcasts! I get so excited whenever one of these channels uploads a new podcast, and I’ve really been enjoying my mornings listening to them and learning while I’m getting other things done at the same time.  I hope you check them out and end up loving them as much as I do!

Do you have a favorite art business-related podcast not on this list? Leave me a comment below and share it, I’d love to find more to add to my personal list!

Till next time, thanks for stopping by, and keep creating!

-Ashley <3

Art Business Podcasts I'm Loving

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