Pinspiration Monday: Painted Rocks

Hi friends!  Happy Easter Monday!

So I want to start a new weekly feature on my blog where I post a craft project idea from Pinterest that I think is super awesome.  I come across some really creative ideas on Pinterest, but I simply pin them to one of my boards, or press the “like” button on Pinterest, and I feel like they end up just sitting there, eventually forgotten about until I get the urge to go swimming through my own pins.

So I decided that today will be our very first Pinspiration Monday, and fitting in with Spring’s arrival, we’re all going to be spending more time outside, so while you’re out walking the dog or simply yourself, take a look around you for any smooth, fairly thin rocks that you could use for this project:

Now this pin was just a collection of images of painted rocks, which are beautiful and works of art in themselves.  I’m definitely going to start a rock collection of my own, and making miniature original paintings on each one!

These rocks can be displayed on decorative shelves, tables, coffee tables (they would look so cute sitting beside a picture frame or a vase of flowers!).  They can also be used in the office as paper weights!

If we wanted to go go a bit further, however, I would actually attach magnets to the back of the rocks and use them as cute fridge magnets!

You could also arrange a group of them into a shadow box and hang it on your wall!  Or even just frame a single rock within a small shadow box and hang it by itself.  Or hang three single-framed rocks vertically, horizontally, or staggered (over a staircase would be so cute!).

There’s so many ways you can use these awesome rocks in your home decor, I hope you give it a go.  I know I certainly will, and once I’ve found and painted a few rocks, I’ll post pictures of them so you can see!  Who knows, if I start enjoying it as much as my other crafting ventures, you might see some painted rocks in my store in the future  😉


Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this first Pinspiration Monday!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s vlog!  I’ll see you then!

Never stop creating!






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