Pigment + Palette Seventh Edition Unboxing & Review

Hi guys! So I finally got my hands on the June and July boxes! Let’s see what’s in this June box, and the July box will be uploaded on Tuesday so we’ll be all caught up and just have to wait for the August box to be send out. Ok let’s get to it!

This month’s theme is “Environmentally Conscious”

The Products:

Here's what was in the June Pigment+Palette box!
Here’s what was in the June Pigment+Palette box!
  • Martin F. Weber Co. wOil Water Mixable Oil Colors
  • Loew Cornell Halcyon Brush Rigger
  • General Pencil Company Cedar Pencil
  • Borden & Riley Recycled #20 Sketch Pad
  • Roots Soap Co. Working Hands Soap
My two fav picks: the wOil paint and the Working Hands soap!
My two fav picks: the wOil paint and the Working Hands soap!

The Ratings:

Happy Christmas Factor: 9/10
Value Factor: 10/10 ( I want to give it 11/10)

Wow! Is this box awesome or what?! The value is through the roof, and the actual products are innovative, creatively chosen, and safe for artist and the environment. What more could we want??!

This box was totally worth the wait. What do you guys think!? I’m super happy with this box! If you get P+P, let me know what colour of paint you received! I got the Red Permanent. I wonder if I mix it into my red acrylic paints how long they would stay blendable…looks like it’s experimenting time!

And I’m super pumped to do our next Lucky Dip! There’s some awesome stuff here to play with!

Ok, thank for watching, guys! Be sure to leave a comment below with your thoughts on this box, and be sure to hit that thumbs up button for me, cheers and have an awesome weekend!

-Ashley <3

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