Pigment + Palette 9th Edition Unboxing & Review

Hi guys! The August Pigment + Palette box is here! I’m so excited to open this up! I’ve been dying to see what’s inside! Let’s see what we have this month!

This month’s theme is Get Schooled!

pigment + palette review
Look at all these goodies!

The Products:

  • Bruynzeel Graphite pencils (a full pack)
  • Fabriano Eco Qua Journal
  • Excel Blades K1 Knife
  • Lumi Inkodye and Inkowash packets
  • Bonus Creativebug one month membership trial

The Ratings:

Happy Christmas Factor: 7/10
Value Factor: 10/10

I thought the one month free trial was an interesting “item” to put in our boxes this month! Once again I find that P+P does such a good job of “thinking outside the box” (pun intended) and really being creative with the art-related supplies they send us.

That Inkodye is really cool, I’m looking forward to trying it out, and props to P+P for sending us an entire pack of pencils! Not just breaking them up and sending all of us a random one, we get all 4 sizes! Score!

So overall I am super happy with this box, it had some art staples that we can always use more of, plus a couple new and interesting things! Not to mention a free month long access to new tutorials! Any chance at gaining more art-related knowledge is a plus in my book! I know what I’ll be doing when Xavier wants to nurse and cuddle and basically not let me leave the couch 🙂

So as always thanks so much for watching guys, and let me know what you’re going to do with your Inkodye! See you for the next one!

-Ashley <3

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