Palette Colours from Real Life! Adobe Kuler !?!

Hey guys! I’m really exited to write this post for you today, because I’ve discovered a new toy – er – tool!  Yes, a tool for art!  I was playing arou – I mean – researching new helpful apps on the Apple App Store, and I saw this:

Colour Palette inspiration Adobe KulerAdobe Kuler app

….Whaaaat!?!?  Oh, and it’s FREE. I instantly downloaded it and cracked it open.

This thing extracts colour swatches from real life!!!!

How many times have you been out walking around, and you see a beautiful flower, or a scenery, or a freaking amazing sunset, and you think, “Wow, that would be awesome as a colour palette for my next painting/illustration/scrapbook page/card/room decor/craft project”??  Well for me, it happens quite a bit!  I usually just snapped a picture of the muse and moved on with my life, later looking it up on my phone and trying to determine which colours from the image I should focus on.  I’d take out my coloured pencils and start colour matching them, pulling out random colours and placing them together, then deciding I didn’t like it, ripped out another page from my sketchbook and tried again.

Well all of that is over, because this little app does it all!!  Let’s look at my first colour palette I made from Adobe Kuler!!  I had actually just gotten the July issue of Elle magazine delivered to my door after downloading the app, and when I looked at the cover I was amazed by the gorgeous summer colours!!  So, I whipped out Adobe Kuler and tried it out!!

Adobe kuler artist use
July issue of Elle Canada Magazine. How beautiful are those colours!? Let’s capture them with Adobe Kuler!!

So I aimed my phone at the magazine (you can open a previously saved image from your photo albums, or in real time) and let the app do its thing.  It immediately started pulling out random colour swatches, and showed them at the top of the screen.  It pulls out 5 random colours, then switches to 5 different colours, and so on until you touch the screen to stop the app at whatever point you want.

artist palette color inspiration adobe kuler
Two screenshots from Adobe Kuler. It pulls 5 random colours from the image, displays their swatches at the top, then pulls 5 more random colours until you touch the screen to stop it.

I was really liking the colour scheme  of the second image, as those were the colours that were catching my eye as soon as I saw the magazine.I touched the screen to stop the random colour swatching, and had a look at the colours.  I wasn’t liking the one swatch from her skin tone, and I really wanted that gorgeous lipstick colour to be included in my colour palette.  Once the screen is frozen, you can touch the individual circles on the screen and move them to a different area, letting you customize the generated swatch to your liking.

Then once I was happy, I clicked the checkmark at the bottom, which brought me to a new screen where I could edit each individual swatch colour and adjust the hues/tints to my liking.  I played around with it a little more, and here’s my final colour swatch from Elle Magazine July issue, courtesy of Adobe Kuler  (drum roll please!):

Painting tutorial inspiration color palette
My custom colour palette from Elle Canada July 2013 issue!

Ta-dahh!!!  I’m in love with these colours! They’re so bright and summer-y!  They remind me of watermelons and cateloupe, the beach, flip-flops, picnics, green grass, suntanning in the sand, and everything else that’s awesome about summertime.  It also genuinely reflects the colours that were popping out at me once I saw the magazine cover. I plan on using this colour palette in a future abstract painting, so be sure to watch for that!

So basically Adobe Kuler is super awesome, thank you Adobe for making such a cool app, and thank you for making it FREE! So if you have an iPhone or iPad, hurry on to your App store and download this little piece of awesomesauce technology, then get out and start pulling colour swatches from what’s around you!

Even better, show me what you’re grabbing with Adobe Kuler via a pic on instagram or twitter (@ashleypicanco for both)!

Thanks for reading, and keep creating!

-Ashley <3

p.s. This is not a sponsored post in any way, shape or form! I just fell in love with this app and wanted to share 🙂

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