♥ Paint With Me ♥ Part 2: Background

Hey guys!

Part 2 of my first Paint With Me series is ready to go! I’ve heard from those of you who are trying this out and it makes me happy to know that you’re giving it a shot!  😀

So now that our ground is all nice and dry, it’s time to get that colourful background painted.  The process is pretty simple, it’s just repeating the same steps with each new colour basically.  I think the video is pretty explanatory, but if you have any questions at all leave a comment and I will answer you ASAP!  😀

Thanks for watching! And be sure to stay tuned for next week where we start getting serious and get painting that tree and birdcages!

Part 1 is here if you missed it.

Please pass this video on to a friend if you found it helpful! See you for the next one!

-Ashley <3

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