♥ Paint With Me ♥ Part 1: Setup

Hey guys!

I’m so excited to finally be doing this with you!!! This is our first ♥Paint With Me♥ project, where we will make some art together, step by step!

acrylic painting for beginners

I chose this whimsical tree painting due to the fact that I wanted everyone to be able to do this if they want to, regardless of their skill level.  These whimsical trees are not realistic, so there is much more room for “error” than in a painting of a real-looking tree.  You don’t have to worry about it looking accurate because it’s a fantasy, abstract tree – it can look however you want it to look!

I also wanted to incorporate my love for whimsical birds and birdcages, so I thought it would be cute to have two birds who each flew our of their own cages to be together. ♥

And you DO NOT have to draw the birdcages if you don’t want to! Feel free to give it a shot for yourself, but if you’re a beginner and you’re worried about drawing them, you can click the links below to download a PDF file from that you can use to help you (I’ll show you how to use it when we get to it).

Download the Birdcages PDF (facing left) here!

Download the Birdcages PDF (facing right) here!

Read my blog post about grounds here!

So take your time, follow along, and at the end of this month you’ll have your very own whimsical tree painting that you painted yourself!

Thanks so much for watching, and let me know via Instagram (ashleypicanco) or Twitter (@ashleypicanco) if you’re making your own!

-Ashley <3

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  1. Thoroughly loved the way you told the story without much “blab” very efficiently explained. thanks. Maureen

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