Paint Brush Sizes Explained

Hi guys! Today I have a video explaining brush sizes…well, sort of.

Brush sizes are confusing! This video is perfect for newcomers to painting who aren’t sure what sizes of brushes they should be buying, and what that number on the brush really means!

The point I want to get across in this video is to not get hung up on the exact brush size number on your brushes because, well, it really doesn’t mean much.  Just focus on knowing the type of brush you need, and the relative size…do you need a tiny small one for details, or a super large one for covering a large area, or somewhere in the middle? That will help you much more than stressing about buying an exact brush size that you saw in a painting video, because your size 8 brush might be an entirely different size than my size 8 brush!

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Thanks for watching!!!!!

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  1. Hi Ashley,
    I am fairly new to painting. I love it but was nervous how to get going and improving at my newly found passion. You’re website has helped me a ton!!!! Thank you so much for doing this!

    I am unsure about the different kinds of brushes and when you use which… For example a fan brush vs flat brush. Also which brand or make of a brush would you recommend for acrylic paint.


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