Online Store Coming Soon!

Hi friends, I wanted to take the time today to update you all on the status of the store portion of my website.  I know it’s been looking really bare, lol !  Well, I have lots of pendants ready to be put online, and I’ve ordered two sets of prints.  My proofs came to me late last week, and they seemed quite dark, so I had to do some colour correcting on photoshop to get the print images to match what the original artworks look like.  But I’ve got that all sorted out now, so I just have to wait until the final prints are printed and shipped to me, then they’ll be added to the store!

I’ve also going to be working on making earrings and rings this past week.  I seem to always make pendants!  I have a bunch of pendants now and nothing else!  But now I have a few rings and keychains, so I’ll be photographing those and adding them to the store over the next couple weeks.

Also in the works are t-shirt and tank top designs.  This past Speedpaint Saturday’s watercolor rainbow owl will be a t-shirt design because I’m quite happy with it.  I also plan on making more watercolour animal paintings because that owl was so fun to make, and I’m so pleased with how it turned out.  I think they will look really nice on a t-shirt as well, so that’s something that will hopefully be up and running within the next few weeks.

I’ve been setting up the shopping cart system, and I think I’ve got that all sorted out, so my goal is to upload the pendants and keychains and get the store open on Thursday, and then add rings as quickly as possible and prints when I have them.  Once everything is in working order, I’ll then start sorting out the apparel situation and start to add those to the store.  I also plan on making earrings, as I don’t have any of those made up yet.

So that’s all for now, guys!  Thanks for reading and being patient while I figure out this whole online store thing. I’ll speak to you all soon!


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