Nursery Mural SpeedPaint part 1

Hi guys! So I’ve started painting the nursery, and thought I’d make a video of if since I’m painting a mural.  So I’ve already painted the whole room a nice beige/pale yellow/almond-like colour, which I didn’t record because that would probably be boring to watch.  The room is now dry so it’s time to get working on that mural!

Paint used for this mural is all 99 cent craft paint from Michael’s. except for the brown on the tree, as it is leftover wall paint I had laying around.

My nursery theme is woodland animals,so I’ve go some baby foxes, a fawn, a few whimsical owls, and some cute little birds planned, all around the focus of the wall which is the big whimsical tree.

So next video I’ll be working more on the tree, and adding in those other animals!  I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think of it so far!  Thanks for watching!


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