My Top 3 Favorite Painting Supplies

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share what my all-time favourite painting supplies are, in hopes of giving anyone who’s not sure what they do or don’t need to paint an idea of some of the staples I use in every acrylic painting.

My Top 3 Acrylic Painting Supplies

I’ll be sharing some of my newer favorites soon in an upcoming blog, but right now I want to talk about my most favs, the ones I turn to every time I paint.  So let’s get started!

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Acrylic Glazing Liquid by GOLDEN

Acrylic Glazing Liquid

This is my standby medium for any time I need to blend colors that are dragging on the canvas, glaze a colour over an already-dried layer, make my paint more transparent, or simply extend the working time of my paint on the canvas.  This baby does it all! I use the gloss version. And it’s a medium, so I can use it in virtually unlimited quantities and it won’t disrupt my paint’s chemical composition (check out my video on the worst mistake new acrylic painters make if you’re not sure what I’m talking about).

I also use it to thin out other mediums that are a bit too thick or dry for what I need them for.  Pumice gel is notorious for getting too dry on me and crumbling off the canvas while I’m spreading it on.  Adding a touch of glazing medium to it gives it a bit more “glue” so it spreads easily off my palette knife.  I also add it to my water mister bottle to help get my paint moving faster when I’m misting it on the canvas to make drips, and to ensure that the Flow Release I use in my mister won’t disrupt the paint.

Acrylic Flow Release by GOLDEN

Acrylic Flow Release

Did you guess that I was leading into this one? Acrylic Flow release is a clear watery gel additive that makes my paint, well, flow! I add it to my water mister along with the glazing medium to help get the paint dripping and swishing around on the canvas, and I also add a few small squirts of it into my water jug that I dip and rinse my brushes in to help get the paint moving on the palette and canvas.  It just helps the paint not stick to itself so much, and start gliding much easier.

Acrylic flow release is an additive, however, so I never add it directly to my paint, and I always make sure I’m using it in the right amounts so it won’t cause problems with my painting in the future.

Soft Body Paint

Soft Body Fluid Acrylics Paint

Soft body acrylic paint, or fluid acrylics, as GOLDEN calls them, are professional quality paints with a much creamier texture.  When we think about painting with acrylics, the first image that usually pops into our heads are tubes of heavy body paint, where the paint squishes out of the tube with a toothpaste-like texture.  Heavy body paint makes up a large amount of the paint I work with, but having soft body paint around is really convenient!

Soft body paint is perfect for that fine line between texture and flow.  Between being able to spread your paint around on the canvas and create buttery mixtures,but also being able to spray the paint and have it run down the canvas.  It’s the consistency of heavy cream, like whipping cream before you start whisking it.  I can apply it to my canvas with a brush or my finger, spread it around, mix it into my heavy body paint, or take my mister to it and let it drip and go wild!

I feel like softer body acrylics are overlooked by beginners starting out with acrylics, and maybe they’re even unknown to some, so I want to shed some light on them with this blog post.  You don’t need to have every color you own in heavy body as a soft body as well (I sure don’t!), but figure out what your most-loved, favorite colors are, and consider investing in soft body versions of them.  They really open up your world of painting possibilities, even if you just have two or three colours.

So there’s my top 3 acrylic painting supplies! I hope these have given you some inspiration to things you may like to try out for yourself, and I’d love for you to list your own personal top 3 supplies in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by, and till next time, keep creating!

-Ashley <3

Top 3 Acrylic Painting Supplies

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