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Hi friends! So I’ve been getting quite a few emails recently with questions about what brands of resin I use, what other tool I use with it, and things like that, so I thought it would be best to address them all in a video!

So in this video I’ll share with you all of the things I use when working with resin, from measuring and pouring it, to the specific brands of resin I use, to how I finish a piece with sanding. So I hope this helps, and thanks for watching!

Starter ICE Resin kit
Starter ICE Resin kit

Buy an ICE resin starter kit (with measuring cups and stir sticks) on Amazon by clicking here!

Buy 100 measuring cups for a little over $4 by clicking here!

Thanks for watching!

-Ashley <3

**Please note that while I am not being sponsored to mention any specific brands in this video, the above links to Amazon are affiliate links so I will receive a small portion of any sales. Thanks for supporting me and helping me continue to share videos and tutorials with you!

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