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Hi guys! So in this video I’ll share with you my favorite tools and items I use for drawing! Now this is just for pure drawing, with no intention of painting or coloring overtop of the linework. So this is what I used to make finished drawings, shaded in and all that good stuff.

My guide to watercolor paper is here!
This video is by no means groundbreaking. I’m not sharing some big secret that artist have that help them make great works of art. But that’s really my point with this video – there is no big secret. The items I use to draw are very common, you probably have already heard or even already use all of the things I’ll show you in this video.

But the purpose of this video is to show you just that: you already have all of the things you need to make a great drawing! So if you’re struggling with drawing and starting to feel like maybe there’s something out there that you need to buy to make yourself a better artist…well, there’s not. Just keep trying and practicing and you WILL get better!

You really don’t need much to start drawing, so just dive into it and have fun!

Let me know what you’re favorite things to draw with are in a comment below, and thanks so much for watching!

-Ashley <3

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