Lucky Dip Art Challenge #8

Hi guys! I’ve got another Lucky Dip this week! Figured I’d do two weeks in a row since it was so long since we had one before last week. So I hope you enjoy this one!

What I Pulled:

  • Prismacolor Marker in Warm Grey 50%
    Bruynzeel Design Pencils HB-7B
    Bombay India Ink in Violet
    W Oil water soluble oil paint in Red Permanent
    General’s Layout Pencil – Extra Black

Whyyyyyy do I always get red and purple!??? Well I hope you guys like how it turned out! I went for a more manga-type style this time, with a big eye so I could play with the purple ink!

So let me know in a comment what you think, and thanks so much for watching!

-Ashley <3

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