Lucky Dip Art Challenge #14

It’s time for another Lucky Dip! Whoop whoop! I hope you guys are excited for it! This is our 14th one! Wow!! Ok, things are dwindling down in my little box, so we should see some interesting things for this one…let’s check it out!

What I Pulled:

  • Tombow ABT marker in pale yellow
  • Aqua Monolith pencil in Ultramarine
  • Gold Leaf
  • Tombow Irojiten pencil in Teal
  • Sharpie Wax pencil in Red

Holy colours, Batman! There’s no black! It’s all saturated colours, plus gold! Ok, let’s do this!

Leave me a comment below how you liked this video, and thanks so so much for watching, you guys are awesome!

-Ashley <3

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