Lucky Dip Art Challenge #1

Hey guys! So this is a bit of different type of video. I wanted to start something new that would be challenging and fun at the same time, so I thought doing a Lucky Dip challenge would be fun.  I follow panacea81, a girl named Lauren who does makeup tutorials, and every now and then she does a Lucky Dip, where she draws makeup at random and has to create a cohesive look on her face using only those products.

So I thought that would be a great idea to apply to art supplies, especially since I’ve got some products from my ArtSnacks boxes that I haven’t gotten the chance to try out yet!

So here we go, I pool all of my random art products from ArtSnacks (currently only ArtSnacks as I’m not signed up for any other monthly box subscription), and randomly draw 5 items.  I must use these items, and only these items to make a work of art in my art journal (I can use a mechanical pencil and eraser to plan it out, but that’s it).

The final image doesn’t have to be a finished piece of art, it’s just for practice and to learn about the items I’m using, but it does have to have some kind of “finished” look to it. I can’t just throw blobs on my page can call it done.

So with that out of the way, here’s what I pulled from my box this first Lucky Dip:

  • Windsor&Newton Vine Charcoal in hard
  • Kurecolor Marker – black
  • Higgins Ink – black
  • Cocoiro Letter Pen – Sepia
  • Flex Marker – Imperial Purple

Soo…. 3 blacks, a sepia and a strong purple…yikes.  Let’s see what I can do with this mess, lol!

Let me know in a comment how you think it turned out, and what you think of having these videos every now and then???

Thanks for watching!!!!


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