links to other great art and crafting websites

Here are some great art and craft-related sites to check out!

Tim Gagnon Studio – An acrylic artist specializing in landscape paintings.  He has some awesome works for sale as well as downloadable painting lessons!

Madison Valley Arts – An art gallery and studio located in Montana. The owner, Derek, is a very experienced artist, and offers various services including t-shirt and business card printing, as well as freelance art projects including logo design, illustration, web design & hosting, and more!

Leilani Joy – A fashion and anime-style artist, Leilani offers many colorful and stylistic paintings, keychains, and other collectable items for sale, as well as posting her own awesome art-related tutorials.

A Beautiful Mess – Awesome blog featuring DIY craft tutorials, home decor ideas, recipes, beauty and fashion tips, you name it! A great site to visit to get inspired for some DIY crafting goodness!

I will be adding more to this list as I come across more awesome places on the Internet (and whenever I realize a website I love Links to other websitesisn’t on this list!).

-Ashley <3