Let’s Explore Gel Mediums #5: Light Molding Paste

Hey guys! This is our last gel medium in our little series, I really hope it’s been useful to you and you’ve enjoyed it!  So light molding paste is our last medium, and it’s so great for building thick layers on your canvas.  You can put it on the canvas, let it dry, then paint over it in various layers and glazes, or you can mix it directly in the paint for an opaque, very thick application.

Light molding paste is, well, light, so it won’t weigh down your canvas like other texture-building mediums will, letting you get really tall layers of paint without worrying about sagging your canvas!

So let me know in a comment how you like to use light molding paste, and be sure to hit that thumbs up button if this video helped you.  Thanks so much for watching!


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