Let’s Explore Gel Mediums #3: Glass Bead Gel

Hi friends! Welcome to the third installment of our “Let’s Explore Gel Mediums” series! I’m really happy you guys are loving this series, and hopefully this video will be of use to you as well!

So this video is about glass bead gel, a medium that we’ve probably all seen sitting on the shelves in the art store, but maybe have never picked up because we’re not sure how to properly use it.  Well, this video is for you! Glass bead gel is actually a wonderfully versatile medium, and different effects can be created depending on what you mix it with, if you mix the paint directly into it before applying it to you canvas, or if you simply use it as a top layer over colours of paint to add that little bit of sparkle!

Let me know what you think in a comment below, and be sure to share how you use glass bead gel in your own works! Thanks so much for watching!

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