Journaling by 5’s Art Journal Challenge pt. 5

The last step in our first run through of Shannon Green’s Journaling by 5’s challenge! This time we have to use pen and pencil!

Hi guys! Welcome back to our art journal challenge! This is the last step of our first pass through this challenge! We have to use pen and/or pencil this time! I really want to add some doodling and drawing, but with only a few second per page, it’s going to be tough.

Let me know what you think now that we’ve gone through it once! Next time we’ll start all over again with the paint/ink step, but this time we have something to work with!

Thanks so much for watching!
ps. if you missed it, here’s the previous steps:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Shannon’s YouTube channel

-Ashley <3

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