I’m Back! An Update Video

Hello friends! I’m back from my little baby hiatus! It’s great to be back, thank you so much for sticking around while I took a couple months to be with my newest little family member. We are all doing great, and I’m excited to be back creating content for this art blog!

In this video I share the things I will be moving forward with on this channel, so I hope you’re looking forward to what I have planned!

(If you’re reading this then you’re on my new blog and don’t need to the link to it, hooray!)

My family/lifestyle blog: http://www.palettesandplaydough.com

Thanks for watching!

-Ashley <3

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  1. awww so nice to see you Ashley, and great to see number two!!! bet much easier with this one! Me dear gril, I have not been able to learn, paint, ctch up on you and all my other friends! I miss you so much Ashley, I cant wait to be connected again!! It a year now, and still not settled! in mu house sort of, still having hassles, but ja, I am gonna fight it! As for admin!!!!! its a total joke here!!! fighting for that to! Nice and still very hot here, even though its middle of autum! Winter starts in June. Apart from that I am well, I thought I would be back much sooner, but ja!!???
    Great seeing you and new baby! Enjoy, xxxxxxx

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