How to Use Acrylic Mediums

Hi friends! I’ve got another tutorial for you today.  What are acrylic mediums and how do you use them? In this video I explain to you what acrylic mediums are, the different types you can buy, and I’ll show you the ones that I use most so you don’t go out and buy every acrylic medium available under the sun! (Because there are a LOT out there!)


This is my longest video yet, and I think I’m starting to do better with the nervous thing (I’m still nervous, but not as much as I was in the first video!)

 So acrylic mediums come in four different kinds:

  • Additives (which aren’t mediums at all, and you have to watch how much you’re adding to your paint.)
  • Fluid Mediums (to thin your heavy body paint)
  • Gel Mediums (to extend or decrease opacity without thinning your heavy body paint, or even to thicken your paint)
  • Effects Mediums (special effects like glass bead gel, or even molding paste to build up thick paint (with opacity!)

I hope this video gives you a good idea how these different mediums are used, and give you confidence when deciding which mediums are right for you!

Have fun with your mediums, and thanks for watching!!

Liquitex mediums:
GOLDEN mediums:

Thanks for watching!

-Ashley <3

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