How to Mix Any Gray with Acrylic Paint 3 Ways!

Hi guys! In today’s video, I’m sharing how to mix a blue-grey color using acrylic paint. You can easily change this to mix a red-grey, green-grey, peach-grey, any grey you need! I hope you enjoy, leave me a comment below if you’d like more of these kinds of videos!

Read my blog post on mixing grey here.
Check out my Acrylic Painting for Absolute Beginners ebook.

Thanks for watching!

-Ashley <3

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  1. Thanks for the tip. It is very useful to the artists. Please tell also what color mix makes Burgendy, Alizarin crimson etc. with red mixes.

  2. Thank you, yet again, Ashley. You’re very helpful. I’ve been trying to learn color theory. I’ve got the compliment colors down but wasn’t going much further than that until I found your site. You’ve helped me a ton. I am the type of person that learns more with visual examples while being explained so, yes, you’ve helped me so much and I want to thank you again. I did get up to where I was mixing skin colors and made a few; as one artist had said to just keep adding white to my primary colors mix and I finally got it. None the less, I’m going to look for the one that I think you said that you made or maybe that I read on one of your pages here. So far, I’ve only tried mixing with my actual primary colors and nothing else but I plan on try different variations of the different blues, reds and yellows that I’ve got.
    One problem that I’m having is trying to find a way to make Naples Yellow, Yellow Ochre and Turners yellow. I’m trying to paint a Colt with a background landscape from out of a book I bought at the author calls for Naples yellow and Turners Yellow.
    I’ve got Yellow Oxide, Cad yellow light and Cad yellow medium, Yellow Light Hansa and Indian yellow, as far as my yellows go. I got a set of 12 colors of heavy body for Christmas BUT financially, Christmas wiped me out this year for now; because my son needed a new bed.
    Would you please be able to set me on course to trying to mix the three yellow colors, Naples, Ochre and Turners Yellow, that I don’t have or even one or two of them? I keep trying with my Yellow Oxide and Cadmium and I’m not coming close to the swatches that I see at art supplies site. I love that store, by the way for paints. The next time that I do buy from them then I will certainly use your site.
    Thank you super very much. Debby

  3. oops, I’m sorry, I made a couple mistakes up there. I did mean that the Author calls for Yellow Ochre, Turners Yellow and Naples yellow. I don’t even really know if when I’m mixing, if I get it right or not due to color swatches being different than when we actually see the colors after we but them. LOL Well, I appreciate any help in advance; I know that you’re a busy young lady with your beautiful son. I think that Naples Yellow is the one that the author calls for most. So, even just that color would be so sweet of you. Thank you, God Bless,

  4. I’m sorry, again; you already did show how to make yellow Ochre; I saw that one last night. And I”m sorry my comments were so long.

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